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Lavender Tea Tree Peppermint Organic Deodorant
Lavender Tea Tree Peppermint Organic Deodorant

Lavender Tea Tree Peppermint Organic Deodorant


With the perfect balance of lavender, tea tree and peppermint essential oils, this combination will leave you smelling fresh and clean without being overpowering.

Ingredients: aluminum-free baking soda, *organic arrowroot powder, *organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, *organic beeswax, *organic shea butter (*organic shea butter with *organic rosemary extract), *non-GMO vitamin E (derived from sunflowers), and *organic essential oils of lavender and tea tree and peppermint

* USDA certified organic

CAUTION - Peppermint essential oil is not advised for use during pregnancy and/or nursing, or for people with epilepsy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I've been using Lavender & Leaf for the past 5 years and have never looked back. Having been a cancer survivor, a "clean" deodorant without harsh chemicals and aluminum are a huge priority for me. Lavender & Leaf is not only a clean option but it actually WORKS for me and now my 11 year old son is using it. It goes on smooth, doesn't leave any residue and prevents odors. I truly feel like it works with my body's balance and I would highly recommend this reliable product!


It really works!!! I had been using a name brand natural deodorant for quite some time now. I was not 100% confident with the odor protection it provided but I was not willing to use one with harmful ingredients. With Lavender & Leaf’s deodorant I am now confident I don’t stink while avoiding the harmful chemicals. I’ll be a repeat customer for life.


Ever since switching over my home care, skin and makeup products to more natural and safe alternatives, finding the perfect deodorant that I liked and WORKED had been more of the more challenging feats. I'm thrilled to have found this deodorant. The roll-on application is mess-free and gives me protection throughout the work day and through workouts. I also really love knowing that it is handmade with very few simple, safe and organic ingredients.


I've been searching for a truly organic deodorant for years. I've tried so many different brands and never really found anything I liked. Everything always had "fragrance" or some other unpronounceable ingredient in it. I had given up for a while and started using Tom's again out of defeat (which is owned by Colgate and has altered their ingredients, FYI), but I recently started looking again and happened upon Lavender & Leaf. It is AMAZING! It is homemade sweet-smelling goodness and it works! It keeps me more dry than Tom's ever did! I had thought about making my own deodorant out of despair a few years ago, and now I don't have to because Lavender & Leaf is handmade with love! If you're on the fence, try it! It's worth it! The peppermint, lavender tea tree oil is my favorite combo, but I'm sure they're all yummy! Thank you Lavender & Leaf!


After a health scare (mammogram gone wrong), I started researching how not only the foods we eat, but also the things we put on our body are absorbed and affect our health...good or bad. I immediately decided to find a deodorant that didn’t contain 20 ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. I’ve tried them all, even homemade, and after 2 years I’m happy to say my search is over. Lavender & Leaf is amazing!! It last all day, smells incredible and I feel good knowing that every ingredient is organic. My favorite’s in a solid stick form, no more stuff on my hands, clothes and under my nails.